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"Hey, come back here with my car!"

The Glockenspiel in Munich. Cute, not spectacular.

It's almost a flipbook. Bye, bye Glockenspiel.

It's Goofy... with one of those Disney characters -- what's his name?

"Mommy, why are those people taking a picture of a car?"

Our room... nice, but beware of medieval ghosts.

Dinner by the open-hearth grill. More meat than I've ever seen. Meat, potatoes, and a big salad -- oh, it's about time.


Work it girl.

Watch out for these guys. They like 'em young.




Goodbye castle.

Salzburg. A view from an outlook from the "catacombs." This is really a misnomer. Catacombs are places of refuge for Christians, but this was a burial site. The name stuck.

Again from the catacombs.

How good are your eyes? Tuyen's up there.

Fun fact: the "Sound of Music" was filmed in and around Salzburg.

Can't say I remember this one. Which either goes to show how many great things we saw, or how bad my memory is.

Not enough time to see everything. We missed out on Mozart's birthplace.




A view from our window at the so-called "Club Alpina," a name which AESU apparently pulled out of there ass. A very nice place to spend 2 nights though. Sauna, pool, game room, and for only $18, a little bag of still wet and wrinkled laundry for each room. I wasn't expecting to have to go 25 days without any good opportunity to do laundry. And I had laughed at Tuyen for bringing a clothes line. We had a nice little setup with the hotel hair dryer running all day :).

The next morning, horseback riding was rained out, which was a bummer since I haven't done that since I was four, but it gave us a chance to sleep in. The rain cleared up for white water rafting. Class 2 or 3ish, so not too scary, but wild enough to be lots of fun. No pictures, but maybe this will get us in the spirit.

That night, Tuyen and I walked a big loop around Club Alpina through the quaint resort streets and Austrian Alps countryside.

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