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I really liked Florence. We started with a cheesy demonstration in a leather shop. Tuyen bought a real nice leather photo album.

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Mmmm, if I remember right this was across from the Duomo (or part of the Duomo).

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And the Gates of Paradise, which I think was an entrance to the Duomo -- or was the Duomo in Rome. Don't listen to me. Personally, I thought an entrance to the other place (1st picture) directly behind us was more inviting and spectacular, but this is the famous one. Very impressive in any case.

If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

That's a nice setting for setting. We then headed for the big park in Florence, whatever it was called. It was a bit of a hike, just to find out that it was closed for the night.

Crossing the bridge to get back, we discovered where the junkies hang out. Got rained on a little and had some ice cream, but we didn't pay enough for the right to sit. America really is the land of the free. Free bathrooms, free water, and a free place to sit. Things I never appreciated before.




Michelangelo's grave. This is inside the Cathedral from the yesterday's first three photos -- whatever it's called.

Again, Michelangelo's grave.

I didn't remember stained glass. I guess that's why we took photos :).

And on the other side, another famous grave, but I'll be damned if I can remember who's.

Neptune. He was everywhere.

Numerous sculptures within pillars on both sides of lots of people you've read about in text books, many behind the camera.

Gee, that looks like it must be a famous landmark.

And on to Rome:

Tuyen and I were getting a little frustrated at our timing so far. Places kept closing on us before we got there. To make up for that a bit, as soon as we got our room in Rome we took off for the Coliseum. And here you have it.

You can see in the back they are recreating the wooden floor which was covered with sand back in the day. I guess the passageways we see underneath where the floor would have been was where the kept the lions and stuff, but don't quote me on that. I basically thought the Coliseum was structured much like a modern day stadium. Also notice the new batteries in the camera. It's now Jan. 1, 1994.

And from the Coliseum, we see other ruins.

And a triumphal arch. It's fenced off -- the returning soldiers had to march around.

Would have been a real nice picture an hour earlier. Rome had a lot of imported trees like this one. I think it was called an umbrella pine, or something to that effect.

Apparently, the Romans had all kinds of sick events here. From what I remember second hand, they had such "comedy" acts as live creations of a Minotaur. Forcing a criminal to jump off a 50 ft. pillar. Good stuff like that.

Well we tried, but this section was closed at this hour. So a shot over the fence.

A classic picture; insert Tuyen.

"Why are these people taking a picture of the subway?"

And we had a delicious dinner that night with a little live entertainment. You're gonna serenade us in Italy with Beatles and you're gonna be pushy about a tip!

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