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Through southern England and Kent to our ship at the white cliffs of Dover. Across the English Channel. Too tired to enjoy the beautiful ship. The cushy chairs made it easy to fall asleep though. Wish I had discovered that there was a non-smoking lounge on the other side of the ship.

Hotel in Paris.

Had a three course dinner in a French Bistro. Tomato and something appetizer was good. 3rd course cheese most people didn't get too far on.

Caught our "lights tour" along the Seine River at the Bateux-Mouches.



DAY 5 5/29 PARIS

Notre Dame Cathedral. The first Gothic cathedral. A very cool and very impressive building. Later Gothic cathedrals where even bigger, but I thought they were a bit too gaudy.

Bummer, too dark.

Again, Notre Dame, from the side.

Had an eye-full yet? Parker, you putz :) !

Again, probably a famous place.

We got a lame demonstration of "how perfume is made," and then a nice sales pitch.

Lunch. Paris's version of Subs. Pretty good. Heather must be shooting this one?

The "Arc de Triomphe" from inside the arch.

Y2K. Every city has their Ferris Wheel. (Ferris was an RPI engineer, by the way.)

Inside the Louvre. Venus de Milo (sp?) I think.

Louvre on 3 sides. Main entrance is the pyramid. You wouldn't believe how long the line was when we entered. We're not stupid tourists though, we found a side entrance with a much shorter line. In the other direction is a nice park-type area we walked through to get here.

Why is everyone smiling so wide in these pictures? Because we're headed to the Cabaret -- exploitation at it's finest.

The Cabaret.

Being flashed by beautiful girls. Guess I was too worried about photography being illegal. Long exposure time. Other Cabaret pictures where even worse. Damn! It was a little bit cheesy in parts, but all-in-all, a pretty energetic performance. Good comedy, good dancing, good juggling, a funny acrobat, and lip-synching that's had Justin fooled for years :). Oh, and of course great ****.

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