Q: What's red and white and red and white and red and white?

A: Santa Claus rolling down a hill.

It's been an exciting year! It began with Tuyen moving back up here and finding a job in a small software company. Then in April we moved into our new house. A friend of mine from work, Jonathan, joined us in May, and David moved in the month after. My dad was up for a few months helping out, and boy do we appreciate it! We've all been working hard to turn our new house into a home. David set up shop in the garage and has been making furniture and working on the house. He's done too much to mention it all. Now that we've finally gotten the hideous wallpaper out of the kitchen and the right color on the living room walls, I don't feel like there's anything hanging over my head any longer.

Jonathan in the attic, David on the roof, Tuyen by the pool, and me in the yard

With three computer engineers in the house, we are wired! Even before he moved in, Jonathan was up in the attic laying Ethernet. In fact, this Christmas letter is delivered straight to your computer from our fourth bedroom. We host my site www.masseclub.net. which gets almost a thousand visitors per week. My Christmas gift to the whole family is www.hooverfam.net, a site where anyone in the family can upload web pages, pictures, etc, to share with the family and the world. To access the protected area of the website, the password is xmas. Those of you who are family, please upload web pages, pictures, etc. as you please, and share with the family and the world. I've put some instructions on the site, and I'd be happy to help you get started. Send me email and I will give you the password so you can try your skills as a web designer.

Our vacation time has been well spent. In July, Tuyen and I went to Africa...

Tuyen and me in Africa ;-)

Me far right, Tuyen hiding behind, friends all around

Dave finishing a climb, with me belaying
...well, okay, we went to Disney World, and saw African animals from our hotel room. We met up with some friends and had a great time at all the Disney parks for a week. In July we went white water rafting with friends. And of course in August, we had our yearly family Adirondack vacation.

In October, Tuyen and I got engaged! I can't say that either of us is all that excited about wedding planning, but we're happy we're getting married. After the holiday season, we'll try to get our act together and figure out the details. We're planning for a small family wedding in PA. We'd love to celebrate with everyone, but we've always had more fun at small weddings, so we're going to keep it to just close family. Then maybe we'll do something in MA with friends.

Last month, Dave's girl friend Fabi joined the household. So now it's five of us, and it's all working out quite nicely. We've got a very impressive volleyball team all under one roof. Dave, Fabi, Jonathan, and I play together every week.

Go white boy (that's me)

Another perfect set from Fabi (to David)

As for work, unlike the past few years, my company hasn't been acquired. We're busily designing the next generation microprocessor to take the world by storm. It won't, but with the backing of Intel, and a very bright design team, it might actually do pretty well in the web server market. I'm glad to have the chance to be an architect this time around, and it's great that Intel is giving us the freedom to design a chip from scratch (after throwing out 5 years of our hard work). We're making great headway.

We're having a great holiday season, with lots of company at our new home. We had a potluck party with friends two weekends ago. Then the Hoover family came up this past weekend and we had a great time. My parents and Doug stayed through Christmas day. And Tuyen's family should be arriving soon to spend the weekend. I think we've had company in the house every day for the past two weeks. It's great being able to entertain big crowds without feeling crowded.

The Hoover family Christmas 2002

Let's hope next year is as wonderful as this one.

Love to all,

Steve & Tuyen